My name is Eric, and I have been interested in birds since 1993. The degree of my interest has only increased through the years, and really accelerated in unrestrained fashion starting around 2005. I now live in Fort Collins Colorado and am writing a guide book to birds and bird sounds in movies and television.



  1. Hi Eric, I just came across your website. I am researching the silence that falls upon birds during an eclipse and I was wondering if you had or knew of any recordings. E-mail me please if you think you can help!
    Sincerely, Olivia

    • Hi Olivia. Sorry for the delayed reply, but I was in the Peruvian Amazon for 2 months, and just got back yesterday. Offhand I don’t know of any recordings of the kind of silence you”re talking about. I wish I could help. It’s an interesting idea though and I will keep that in mind the next time I have the opportunity to record during an eclipse, even just a partial one. Good lluck to you….

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